Sorella Bloom Everlasting Flowers


    An absolutely beautiful arrangement. A real show stopper, sure to make a statement !

    A wonderfully extravagant mix of pink Star Gazer Lilies, white Longiflorum Lilies, deep blue Delphinium, green Allium, cerise pink & ivory Peonies. Combined with lush green Ruscus foliage.

    These are amazing, very realistic silk flowers, look just like the real thing. (Please see close up photos). The white Longiflorum Lilies are made of a foam/latex mix, this gives them a wonderfully realistic form and appearance.

    Set in a lovely tall glass cylinder vase, with a generous helping of clear florist resin, which gives a wonderfully realistic look of fresh still deep water. 

    This all adds to the elegance, beauty and realism of this wonderful arrangement.

    These are beautiful high quality artificial silk flowers. They are amazing, very realistic looking blooms and leaves.

    This arrangement would make a wonderful display in any home, from classic to contemporary. This would also make a real statement in a hotel, office, reception area or restaurant.

    Overall approx measurements of arrangement- 

    Height - 85 cm (at tallest point)

    Width - 48 cm (at widest point)